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It is known from practice that sugars from various suppliers can differ in quality which, in turn, affects transparency of the beverage and throughput of filters used for subsequent filtration of the beverage, including the pre-filling stage of filtration. This is why the prepared sugar syrup is prefiltered before being added to the water-alcohol mixture.  

As a rule, improvised materials (gauze, any dense fabrics) or hose (bag, pocket) filters are used for this purpose. This process is rather labour-intensive and low-effective. Such filtration has a small production rate. The filter materials being used do not retain all contaminants and, in addition, shed piles, especially after multiple washing (laundering) cycles. Modern filtration systems make it possible to eliminate these disadvantages.

To filter small amounts of sugar syrup (less than 200 dal), we recommend to use the Multifunctional system for filtration of small amounts of products (see Introduction to the section “Preparation of Ingredients”). In the case of larger amounts, a more productive system is needed.




The filtration system consists of a filter holder and a pump. The filter holder and the number of filter elements are selected depending on required production rate.





EPNS filter element

The EPNS element is a cartridge element incorporating pleated stainless mesh (made from 12Kh18N10T stainless steel) having rated fineness of 10 (20) μm, in a polypropylene housing. The use of the metal mesh in this case precludes formation of piles and makes it possible to wash the filter element many times and keep the filter in working condition for many years.


 Micron rating

 10 (20) μm


 250, 500, 750, 1000 mm (by thermal welding)

 Outer diameter


 Inner diameter


 Filtering media

 121810 12Kh18N10T stainless steel mesh



 Maximum operating temperature, °C

 80, 95

 Effective filtration area, m²

 Up to 0.44


 Washing with hot water and chemical agents in forward and back flow modes

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